Personal data is information about an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes all information about a person’s identity, such as name, phone number or postal address.

However, information that cannot be associated with someone’s identity or has been rendered anonymous in such a way that the individual is not or no longer identifiable is not considered personal information.

Please note that, at this moment, we do not collect or store any information regarding your use of our product or services.

Information that might be obtained from you, to the extent specified in our Privacy Policy, is related to our use of third party services.

These entities may collect analytics and some advertising data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions, and its applicable privacy notice.

If you wish to find out more about any information they might have about you, you can refer to a third party services section of our Privacy Policy and contact our partners listed there.

You have wide scope of prerogatives with regard to processing of your personal data. You have a comprehensive right to information and can, if necessary, request the correction, erasure or blocking of your personal data. You are entitled to request a limitation of processing and have a right of objection. You also have a right to data transferability in connection to the personal data you have provided.

Once consent has been given, it can be freely revoked at any time with effect for the future. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the validity of the processing realized on the basis of the consent prior to it’s revocation.

We attribute substantial significance to explaining the processing of personal data as transparently as possible and indicating to individuals on options at their disposal concerning data protection. If you require further information or wish to exercise the rights to which you are entitled, you can contact us at any time, so that we can take care of your request.