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Looking for fun and relaxing jigsaw puzzles to spend some quality time and practice your memory? Discover our top-rated classic game that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Enjoy in variety of elegant and engaging collections of jigsaw puzzles. Choose one between many freely accessible puzzles and between different difficulity levels. Rotation mode is available in case you need an extra degree of hardship. There is also an option to create custom puzzles by using pictures on your local drive or pictures taken by your camera.


Jelly Quest is a great way to pass time and a perfect choice for your next match 3 adventure. Find your way through many levels in this delicious puzzle world. 

Addictive levels, easy gameplay and cute graphics will bring you endless fun! Test your color matching skills and reach the goal before the moves run out. Various boosters and power ups will help you on your journey. Jelly Quest is free to play and it does not require internet connection. This game is simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kids.


Discover diverse beautiful and thrilling forest worlds, enjoy in exciting gameplay and delve into dazzling adventures.

Dexter is a brave wolf and his mission is to save the forest from vanishing. He has to defeat evil wizard who has enslaved the forest and to dodge his vicious troops. On his journey he must collect enough magic potion to break the wizard spell. Help Dexter on his quest and lead him through many levels packed with excitement.


Bumper is simple and engaging game. Use your finger to launch white ball. Goal is to kick red ball and force it to cross over white line. When you succeed you will be taken to the next level.

Try to find right angle and velocity in order to avoid other balls on the field and get to the red one or use these other balls to help you achieve your goal by kicking them in the right direction. Balls will bounce when they get to the edge of the screen. Different colors mean different weight so keep in mind that some obstacles will be easier to move than other.


Donut Arts is an indie game studio dedicated to creating free and fun games that are appealing to large audiences. We try to combine art and technology to produce enjoyable experience. Our mission is to deliver compelling gaming experience to players aound the world.


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